Download version 4.9 here
For more information or to download an older version go to release history
  • Main features

    Go here for complete documentation.

    • no spyware, adware or other malware
    • supports Yahoo, Google, MSN and QuoteMedia data providers
    • GUI and console versions
    • intuitive and easy to use user interface
    • automated symbols list optimization
    • fully automated runs using the console version
    • multiple simultaneous connections for fast download
    • get data for any number of symbols and any date range (as available)
    • open data files directly from YLoader
    • get complete data or update with just the most recent bars,
    • optionally merge all downloaded data to a single file
    • optional split and dividend data adjustment,
    • daily, weekly, monthly bar durations,
    • data validation,
    • virtually unlimited output data formats through fixed settings or regular expression formatting
    • data file name customization (prepend or append string, extension)
    • utility for automated download of most recent Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX symbols
    • session events logging.
    • rich set of APIs for setting various options and controlling its behavior from other programs
    • extensible with other providers' datasources using the data source plug-in API
  • Download & Purchase

    Download a fully functional 15 day trial version.

    Choose Payment type
    (see below for description)
    Enter the YLoader Hardware Fingerprint
    (see below how to obtain it)

    Important! Make sure your email address on file with PayPal is valid. You will receive the key usually within several hours. If you have not received your key within 24 hours, check your spam settings and folder, and email with an alternate valid email address (do not use the same email or you most likely won't receive the second reply either).

    Choose Basic for a one year subscription to priority technical support, product updates and new releases

    Choose Lifetime for an unlimited subscription to priority technical support and all future updates and releases

    The hardware fingerprint is a hex string formatted as xxxx-xxxx (ex: 3AB8-F991). To get yours, start YLoader, open the About box and click on the "Enter validation key" button.

    Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a validation key which you can enter in the Registration dialog to unlock the application permanently on one computer.
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